1. Goods travel at the risk of the Customer/Buyer even if sold CFR/DAP/DDP and with any payment’s term agreed. Each shipment travels uninsured unless insurance is requested at the time of the order by the client company.

2. Delivery date on order confirmation is mandatory for us only if there are no overdue invoices and if its exposure is covered by credit insurance.

3. Delayed payments entitle the Seller to suspend deliveries and cancel pending orders.

4. Due to peculiar characteristics of the finished product “Leather” necessary skills in use is essential and accurate pre-testing on the purchased leather must be taken by the Customer/Buyer, we decline all responsibility in case of damage after the hides has been modified from the state they were once received.

5. It is Client responsibility to verify data appearing on Seller documents.

6. Goods cannot be claimed after 5 working days from the date of receipt, claims will be evaluated only if submitted by fax/email; in case of good’s inspection in our factory by Buyer or your delegate, the term of 5 days start from the date of inspection itself.

7. No claims are accepted after hides being cut or further processed from sale’s stage.

8. In case of a substantiated claim, goods need to be made available to the Seller or its delegate for at least 95% of the quantity claimed; in order to give to Seller the opportunity to verify any objection raised or if there’s any rebate to be agreed.

9. Goods returned without our pre-authorization via fax/email will not be collected by us and will be returned to the Customer/Buyer at its expenses.

10. We therefore, rely -in good faith- on our customer to work in a respectful and trustful

11. The Seller retains full ownership of the leather (commodity) until full payment has been made by the Customer/ Buyer.

12. In the event of any possible claims or disputes the arbitration of such claims or disputes is governed by Italian law and will take place in Court (Italy), following the INTERNATIONAL CONTRACT No. 7 — FINISHED LEATHER Drawn up by the International Council of Hides, Skins & Leather Traders’ Associations and the International Council of Tanners

13. In case of missed payment to the agreed expiration invoice date, the customer liability will include interest charges equal to the rate BCE increased up to 20%.